Dangers of Squatters

Violent Squatter

Squatters known as people who are living in houses without permission of which they do not own or have any right to.  According to Metro Police squatters  usually are involved in illegal activities such as drugs, weapons, ID Theft, and are often violent and are sometimes even sex offenders hiding.

Squatters cause fires, destroy houses and bring crime to the neighborhoods they infiltrate.   Las Vegas Metro police get over 5,500 calls a year about squatters and violent behaviors displayed by such people.

Squatters Rights…

Yes, believe it or not.. squatters actually have rights! This makes it very difficult for police officers or homeowners to do anything about the problem because it becomes a civil matter.

Many Squatters are aware of the Cash For Keys program that banks offer in order to gain access to the home again.  This is not a very good option when it involves individual homeowners who could be elderly or disabled people.  Approaching Squatters can be extremely dangerous.     Realtors have been assaulted with guns, knives, HIV infected needles, cars, trucks, baseball bats, and one TV News Reporter in Tennessee was assaulted with an ax and it was caught on video.   In this particular case the squatter was a felon who had been living in the 2 million dollar house for over 2 years.

Squatting reports have been growing by as much as 76% in cities like Las Vegas, Seattle WA, Los Angeles, and Detroit MI.  Police have their hands full because they are essentially usually not able to do anything.  Especially when the squatter has a fake lease they show the cops.

It is up to us as a community to fight squatters and keep our neighborhoods safe!  We must act diligently and report any suspicious activities around your home.   Police are limited on what they can do.. we can actually achieve more in most cases because we actually skip trace and find the owners to give them information on the ways they can evict the squatters and keep it from happening again.

Homeowner insurance will NOT pay for damages from squatters.  Things such as accidents and brutality can come back on the homeowners in a lawsuit from the Squatters.  This really is a messed up situation but it is something we must deal with and help stop or reduce the squatters that are invading our neighborhoods.  Become a squatter spotter today and help keep your neighborhood safe!

Act now and let us know about any properties that have squatters or even vacant homes that could become targets for squatters.

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