We are a group that helps communities become safe again by helping root out and get rid of squatters.

ReportSquatters.com is based in Las Vegas NV.  The intent of our services are to help locate owners and inform them of their options if they have squatters living in their property.   We are able to provide useful information and services to help rid the vacant property of squatters and keep them out.    The only way that really works is for a home owner to become involved in the removal of the squatters.   Most homeowners do not want to deal with the squatters and just leave them the way they are until they are forced to do something about them.   This is where the best option for a homeowner or bank may be to sell the property to investors and let the real estate investors refurbish and sell the home to a family that will be a great addition to the neighborhood.

When the investors are able to work with homeowners to resolve the squatter issues the problem house goes away and now adds value to the neighboring houses instead of reducing the value of the homes in the neighborhood.   This seems to be the only way to really stop the squatters.  The home must be secured and the best way to secure is to sell to someone who will have pride of ownership in that home.

Founded by William Baker A National Real Estate Investor who has seen first hand the crime, decreased property values in the area, burned homes that often can burn neighboring homes and who has to pay for this? The originating house that caused the fire.  But the problem is that these homeowners obviously have no insurance as homeowner insurance cancels after 30 days of vacancy.  This leaves the neighbors holding the bag to the costs of the destruction whether by fire, home value loss or other crime in the community.

We work with Real Estate Investors, Realtors Community Oriented Police, HOA’s, Homeowners, and the public to help eliminate the dangers of squatters in your community