Helping Communities Become Safer!

Report Squatters is a organization dedicated to helping keep neighborhoods and families safe by helping remove squatters and keep vacant homes from becoming squatter homes.

  • We locate and coordinate with the homeowners to help them understand their options when it comes to their houses being taken over by squatters.
  • We provide useful information to the Homeowners about squatters rights and what they can do.
  • Squatters destroy houses and lower your property values if your house is nearby a house that is abandoned or being squatted in.
  • We help rid neighborhoods and communities of crime by providing counseling and resources to homeowners To help eliminate the dangers posed by the squatters in their vacant homes.
  • We help vacant homeowners with guidance on securing their homes and other methods to keep them from becoming Squatted Houses.

Dangers of Squatters

Squatters known as people who are living in houses without permission of which they do not own or have any …

Abandoned Vacant Houses

Abandoned vacant houses are magnets for Squatters!  If you see a vacant home in your neighborhood that does not have …

How To Recognize Squatter Houses

Would you know if a squatter was living next door to you?  Here are some signs to look for.  The …

We Help Find Solutions To Squatters Invading Homes

We help find solutions for homeowners that are plagued with squatters or are at risk of becoming a victim of squatting.   We are here to help you!


Report Squatters or Vacant Homes Now!

Report Squatters & Vacant Homes – Help Make your neighborhood a safer place to live.
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