is an organization that helps neighborhoods and communities get rid of crime. We do this by neighbors and communities identifying Squatters in their areas and anonymously report them to us. We then research the property and do skip tracing to locate the owner of the house. We then work with the owners of the Squatted properties to find remedies to remove the squatters and return the house to a perhaps nice home again with real homeowners and renters that are contributing to the community.
Squatters have became a huge problem in America and most of it’s cities. The problem is growing by as much as 76 percent in some cities such as Las Vegas Nevada. These houses could help solve some of the housing problems that are facing communities and cities nationwide.
By removing the thousands of squatters from homes in a city like Las Vegas we can free up thousands of vacant homes and our network of real estate professionals, investors, law enforcement, political affiliations and our dedicated service to helping rid neighborhoods of crime.
Together we can do this. Today most police officers hands are tied on these situations and neighbors simply cannot evict squatters. The owners of the homes must evict the squatters. Therefore we reach out to the owners of the properties and many are banks and mortgage companies that received the house in foreclosure or bought the note from bank to bank. This makes for a very difficult process to procure a solution to the squatter problem at their properties.
We are not so nice about our approach to home owners as we feel that we are representing the communities and the neighborhood residents. We want action! We want them gone! We are going to make your life a living hell until you get rid of these criminals! We don’t want the drug dealers, the drug addicts, the un-registered sex offenders etc.. next to our families!
We CAN Help Stop This problem that has plagued America’s towns and cities. Contact us today to report squatters and we will start our process and help your neighborhood!
  • William Baker – Founder –